Unlock & Unblock: Shining through your Breakthrough

A deeper dive into the characteristics of shine, activities and small group discussions to help you identify challenges and opportunities and build a strategy for success. 

Make Your Story Shine 

Recognizing and elevating your shine through activities and small group discussions that focus on articulating your personal narrative with a better understanding of your unique strengths and talents. A powerful tool for people at any stage in their career, especially those looking to make a career shift or who are re-entering the workforce after a period away.

Shine in Your First 5: Igniting your Career

How to stand out as you enter the workforce by using the characteristics of shine. Through activities and small group discussions students develop an understanding of the characteristics that will make them successful from their first job onward. 

Sharing, Sharing, and Shining

Team building that applies the heart and mind characteristics of shine in activities and small group discussions to showcase opportunities for developing these traits and experience the impact of their potential.

Shining Through Change

This workshop is designed for companies that are preparing for or undergoing integrations or transitions and are wanting to help their workforce prepare. It can be applied prior to layoffs, prior to or immediately following a merger, or for new or retiring employees. 




​What Makes Us Shine? Unlocking and Unblocking What Matters 

In this motivational keynote, AJ Sarcione, creator of The Shine Scale, shares his insights and expertise on the qualities that have propelled his and other leaders’ careers and success. He describes the 14 heart and mind characteristics that comprise an individual’s shine. Audiences learn they all possess the qualities they need to propel and activate their shine. 

Discovering the Unintentional Perfection in Life 

In this inspirational keynote, AJ Sarcione, creator of The Shine Scale, ignites audiences with stories of people who saw opportunities instead of insurmountable challenges and found success as a result. He connects their achievements to the heart and mind characteristics that make up their shine, motivating audiences to recognize the potential and possibilities in life.



​Crafting Your Shine

Events and experiences that bring shine characteristics to life through creative expression.

Dinner Parties

Creating conversation and connections among teams or strangers by engaging the heart and mind characteristics in dining experiences to build shine.

Igniting Shining Solutions

Creative problem solving that puts leadership and ingenuity to the test, requiring the heart and mind characteristics to spark in order for the solution to shine.


Developing the right run of show, brining in the right speakers, creating the right events, and helping it all come to life in a way that has teams shining afterwards. 

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